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“The City of Sheridan has recently updated the Deer Management Zones for the Archery Program. The map below is an accurate map of the zones where hunting is allowed with archery equipment within the city limits. Any archers interested in participating must first sign up for the program at the Sheridan Police Department and agree to abide by all terms and conditions. More detailed maps will be available soon to show a close up of each individual zone. For information on property ownership you can visit the interactive mapping software on the Sheridan County website. Please be safe and enjoy the extended opportunities.”  

Management of the deer population within the City of Sheridan is essential in order to maintain a healthy deer herd while minimizing the negative impacts on our community.  When the number of deer living in Sheridan grows too large we see an increase in the number of deer vs. vehicle collisions, damage to vegetation, greater number of predatory animals and increased disease within the deer herd.

In an effort to help maintain a healthy deer population, the Sheridan Police Department, in conjunction with Wyoming Fish and Game, has developed an action plan for the reduction of our deer population.  The plan is two-fold.  Part One, the Deer Management Plan, has been in effect since 2007.  Bow hunting in designated, undeveloped zones within the city is permitted during specific times each fall.  Hunters must register with the police department prior to hunting and complete the necessary permit forms.  Maps are available on this website as well as at the department.

The second part of the action plan is the Chapter 56 Deer Harvest.  The Fish and Game has designated permits to the Sheridan Police Department allowing harvesting of a set number of deer each year.  Department personnel harvest the deer from various locations around Sheridan that have large mule deer concentrations.  The deer are processed and the meat donated to local food banks and individuals.