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High-risk incidents, such as drug raids or barricaded subjects with weapons, require a specific, well-trained and disciplined response from law enforcement. Such a response capability is essential to ensure a safe, successful and peaceful conclusion.

SRT is a needed alternative for dealing with the variety of high-risk situations. Like the pistol officers carry, we do not want or expect to use it every day, but when we need it, we need it immediately and it must work.

The melting pot of patrol is not the place we can expect to randomly draw people capable of dealing with all situations. There is a need for specially selected, cohesive, highly trained and supervised, well equipped and experienced personnel to respond to tactical and high-risk incidents. That group is SRT.

The team members are highly trained and motivated Sheridan Police Department officers. The training is ongoing and constant. SRT periodically trains with other regional SRT teams in the state in addition to the regular monthly training.