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Christie Lee

Customer Service Mission: The primary objectives of the City of Sheridan Customer Service Department are to provide superior customer service, an efficient production of accurate and timely utility statements, the accurate posting of accounts, and a commitment to continually seek opportunities for improving services.

The Customer Service Department is responsible for addressing customer questions and concerns, as well as offering assistance in resolving problems pertaining to the various services provided by the organization. Staff produces monthly utility statements, receives payments, oversees initiation and termination of utility accounts, and maintains the Accounts Receivables. In addition, they oversee the administration of assorted permits, license applications and renewals. Please contact the Customer Service Department for questions regarding:

  • Monthly utility statements for the City of Sheridan. Residential services include Water, Sewer, Sanitation and Mosquito spraying. Water is measured and billed for the City in 100 cubic feet.
  • Monthly utility statements for SAWS. Services are for water only. Water is measured and billed for SAWS in 1000 gallons.
  • Monthly utility statements for the Downer District. Services are for water and sewer only. Water is measured and billed in 1000 gallons.
  • Finalized statements for customers discontinuing services. Customers moving from one home to another will be relocated. Deposit refunds will be arranged for renters.
  • Questions, requests and complaints regarding utility rates, meter history, mailing address changes and applied charges on bills.
  • Utility appointments i.e. water turn on/off, meter installations, repairs and readings.
  • Rate increases for utilities (water, sewer and sanitation) upon the approval of City Council of proposed resolutions.
  • Adherence to City code, SAWS rules and regulations, and the Downer District agreement with regard to usage fees, due dates, delinquency surcharges, as well as customer responsibilities such as leak repairs.
  • Annual adjustments to the City of Sheridan residential accounts for sewer fees based on averaged water usage during the winter months. Readings are taken from December-March. This is done in accordance with Resolution #54-14.
  • Debit adjustments applied to accounts for requested additional services for sanitation, damaged meters, or requested service calls


Public Records Request form

The City of Sheridan has implemented a new application for submitting Public Records Requests. Please click on the above link and click Log In on the right side of the screen, then “Register” to create a profile. You may use this portal to submit new requests and follow-up on the status of existing requests. Please contact customer service at 307.674.6483 with any questions.


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